Thursday, 30 May 2013


This has been a big month of changes and important dates for me. I had my 19th birthday and my 1st blog birthday early in the month, as well as finishing sixth form college and getting a brand new job. It's all very exciting! The sun's coming out and now I've finished sixth form (apart from a few exams) I'm looking forward to the summer so much and all the things I want to do. XOXO


Monday, 20 May 2013


Hello! This is just a small but special post for me, because today is the first birthday of my blog! It feels like a really big deal for me because my life has changed so much in the last year and this blog has really helped me to change too.

Image from Tumblr

I feel proud to look back and see what I have written about or felt passionate about and all the good memories I've been able to share. I started this blog because I already loved reading other people's blogs, and I loved the idea of having a creative space that would be all mine and a place for me to create whatever I wanted. I also wanted to make a positive step in self-improvement, as the quote above is about. So many things in life happen where you have no control and can feel really helpless, so if you want positivity and opportunities in your life, you need to be active in doing that yourself. This has very much been an idea that I've been focusing on for the past year, and one that has helped me so much to get to this point that I am at now.

The last few years have been rough for me, but this blog has really helped me to document the positive changes that I've taken in life since last May. I also want to shout-out and thank all the lovely bloggers I've had comment and follow this blog too, because I never expected anyone to be interested in what I had to say or what I wear and the amazing feedback has really touched me. I've loved blogging for the past year and I cannot wait to see what happens next! XOXO

Friday, 10 May 2013


I've found a sneaky minute away from my art coursework to do this little nail post real quick. Here is my attempt at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 -inspired nails that I did a week or so ago. It is the pattern that seems to be everywhere at the moment and I felt it was only right that I embraced it in my own little way. After applying a base coat I applied two coats of black nail varnish to each nail and let them dry. Then, using a white nail pen, I drew cross-like lines down each nail. To get the squares symmetrical I made the lines as thin as possible. I then filled in the squares with the white pen, and used a black nail pen to make any corrections if I went over the lines. Finally, I finished with a thin layer of base coat. It was pretty straightforward and just a little bit tricky at times. If I had white nail varnish I probably would have done the nails the other way round (white base and black nail pen on top) but I made do with what I had and actually it was completely fine, so I think it would work fine either way.

I only kept the nails for a couple of days because I was starting a new job and the nails were quite loud and bold and maybe not so first-day-of-work-appropriate. I think the same pattern would look more subtle if you changed black for light blue and I think it would look AMAZING in yellow (like the Louis Vuitton design above). Hope you like 'em! XOXO

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I bought this awesome varsity jacket a month or so ago but have been waiting for it to warm up so I could finally wear it. It's really soft and relaxed, I love the PU faux-leather sleeve detail and it's an ideal transitional jacket from spring to summer if you are looking for something light and comfy. I teamed it with my riding pants and a mickey mouse t-shirt, creating a kind of old-school American preppy vibe. XOXO