Tuesday, 11 November 2014


How I survived last winter without a coat is beyond me. This year I was determined to invest in a proper winter coat - one that would go with virtually everything and most importantly, protect me from Britain's pretty brutal winter weather. The classic parka coat ticked all these boxes for me. I was initially hesitant to get one because it seems everyone owns a parka this season, but as it turns out that's for a pretty good reason. They are so ideal for keeping toasty during the colder months and the hood makes surviving rain or snow storms that bit more bearable (I am NOT prepared to have another battle with an umbrella any time soon).

There are so many variations of this style on the highstreet at the moment, but this coat from Topshop really stood out for me. The faux fur detailing on the hood and down the front is what initially caught my attention, giving a touch of femininity and glam to an otherwise quite boyish and practical coat. It is also so unbelievably soft and snug that once my hand touched the fur-covered hood I was as good as handing over my money right there. Usually when buying a coat I will size up to accommodate for layering and wearing chunky clothes underneath, but I found with this coat that it was better to get my actual size. It still looks slouchy and slightly oversized but without completely swamping my small-ish frame.As well as looking (and feeling) gorgeous, the quality is great too, which is key for me with any purchase that I hope will last me.

Hello and sorry lovely friends and followers for being away the past few months, I've been far busier than usual with work and my personal life, and unfortunately my blog has really suffered. However, its given me the time to update some of my blogging equipment (e.g. my new Canon EOS 600D camera) to help me improve the quality of my content on here. Anyway this is me saying that I've seriously missed my little blog and after some much-needed breathing space, I'm ready to dive back into creating lots of new and fun posts!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


First, I just want to congratulate myself unashamedly on this photograph - taken by me with my iPhone, a good Instragram filter and white background.

I've always been a big fan of All Saints and the style and image they project. Their brand is very much about classic, minimalistic pieces in a limited range of colours - black, white, grey and slashes of red if you're really lucky. However they are super expensive and it is normally very unrealistic for me to ever buy anything from there. The All Saints sale cropped up a few weeks ago and I snapped up these bad boys as well as a couple of smaller staple pieces too. These boots are timeless with so much attitude. If there is a sexier pair of ankle boots out there I'd love to see them! As well as being completely gorgeous, these babies were reduced from £298 to £89 and so honestly what choice did I have??


Wednesday, 16 July 2014


It feels a bit mad to be talking about new season pieces in July especially as it is unusually hot in the UK at the moment. However, in the fashion world the new season is almost upon us, and slowly but surely A/W products are coming online and into stores. While hopefully we won't have to be saying goodbye to Summer for a little while longer, I always think it's be a good idea to snap up new pieces early. These handbags from the new collection at Zara are at the top of my wish list right now. They are not strictly speaking reserved for the colder months but I think they are just better suited. That's just me personally of course!

When I first laid eyes on the gorgeous mock croc bucket bag I fell for it's expensive and 1940's, old-school image. It also really reminded me of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their amazing boho, vintage style. I also adore the classic minimalism of the mini shopper. The size is perfect for everyday and the deep red hue screams of a classic A/W palette. Last but by no means least, I love the little leather backpack. I feel like it would actually be great for all year round. I've wanted a small leather backpack for a little while because I love the practically aspect. This one for me is perfect because it is really simplistic and more grown-up and feminine than most styles I've seen. I also love the little Chanel-esque chain detail.

Collectively I think these bags are all really timeless and would make essential additions to my new season wardrobe.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Meet BANKS, the sultry songstress who both myself and the music industry can't get enough of. I first discovered her randomly hidden within a Spotify playlist and instantly fell for her. Her music is mean, moody, and - with a major R&B influence - incredibly sexy too. If you like artists like The XX, Jamie Woon or AlunaGeorge, you will love BANKS' effortless, soulful vibe.
(From my set entitled 'BANKS' on Polyvore; all links to items here)

As well as loving her musically, I also think that BANKS has great personal style. In keeping with her music, her style is dark and moody. She wears almost exclusively all black, which for me pretty much guarantees I'm going to love any look she throws together. Her style incorporates masculine pieces such as boxy blazers and tapered suit trousers, and flowing, feminine styles like draped cardigans and skirts. Her image is all about feeling and looking sexy but strong.

Baby, I'm thinking it over, what if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?
What if it only gets colder? Would you still wrap me up and tell me that you think this was smart?

CHANGE (Note: I personally think this song is a lyrical masterpiece)
Always cold while you'd self-incriminate, by avoiding all my questions and calling me an instigator.
Cut me down always calling me unstable, you so easily can make me cry, just coz you are in a mood.
Call me out, you would say I need attention, just because I put on makeup,
to ironically look good for you. Cut me to pieces, while you watched me disintegrate,
 coz you like to tell me how you hate, all the ways I'm not enough for you.
I can see you struggling, boy don't hurt your brain, thinking what you're gonna say.
Coz everything's a game, always trying to calculate, trying to look smart but not too
smart to threaten anything they say.
  What really sets Banks apart as an artist is her incredibly intimate and emotional lyrics. One of the biggest reasons why for me personally her music is so refreshing and beautiful, is the raw honesty of her words. She speaks from real pain, jealousy, lust and rage. She taps into really personal and intimate ideas and emotions, exploring the darker feelings that most female musicians shy away from. She sings about the most simple of human experiences in a completely relatable way, and creates immensely powerful and emotive music that her loyal audience can connect with on a very real level. That was certainly the case for me anyway.
In an interview with i-D magazine, BANKS said the following:
'My message is one of strength: I want woman to feel like goddesses, I want them to feel sexy, I want them to feel beautiful, I want them to feel empowered, I want them to feel strong, I want them to feel that it's okay to feel angry or insecure or fearful - but you shouldn't always feel like that, because you are a goddess. You feel those things, but you aren't those things'.


Friday, 23 May 2014



Summer has finally started to show signs of appearing here in the UK, and for me one of the most enjoyable aspects of my summer wardrobe is always a good pair of sunglasses. I bought these a few months ago, but until recently they have been almost exclusively used to protect my sore eyes as I walk to work the morning after a heavy night out. I love the 80's mirror lens clashing with the classic tortoiseshell frame, making for a really unique and quirky pair of shades.

The mirrored lens is set to be a big summer trend this year. If you - like me - love this look, here are a handful of other gorgeous pairs:


Tuesday, 29 April 2014


As we all know baby pink has been the colour to wear this season. Rather uncharacteristically of me (black and shades of grey are my usual go-to colours), I've been really into this trend. This Zara jumper is so gorgeous. I love the androgynous, oversized fit contrasting with the sugary-sweet colour. For me, it is a really different and current take on spring pastels. It is also such an easy way to tap into the trend without going too far out of my own personal style. Dressing it with my favourite skinny jeans and some boyish trainers made for a really simple and cosy daytime look.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


It is rare that an occasion comes along in my life where I can really dress up. With my brother Reece's 18th in the diary, I was very much looking forward to finding a cute evening outfit. I bought this skirt maybe a month ago and have been dying to wear it, so I figured this party was the perfect opportunity. Once I had put it on, I felt transformed into such a lady! It is definitely my new favourite piece in my wardrobe. I got a ton of compliments on how it made me look too which was very nice! It's a great piece to invest in if you, like me, are quite curvy. Pairing it with a crop top kept the look youthful and relaxed, perfect for a night of partying with my brother and his lovely friends. 

Friday, 21 February 2014


Mixing stills from iconic 90's movies like Clueless and The Craft with bitchy slogans is the reason why these Untitled & Co. sweatshirts are my new guilty pleasure. While every part of my being wants to be repulsed (brash motifs and slogans aren't really my style), I can't help but seriously lust after these little beauties. I'll just buy one and figure out how to wear it later. Also, how do you choose??!


Friday, 24 January 2014


On Wednesday I was going out for a day with my best friend and I felt like dressing in really comfy and loose clothes. This resulted in me kind of ending up looking a bit dishevelled and boyish. Which isn't a bad thing FYI. I was really into it. My dad however said I looked like a hobo and my brother called me a tramp. Boys just don't get it clearly. There is that saying isn't there? 'There are women who dress for men, women who dress for other women, and women who dress for themselves'. I am in the last two categories, without question.

I've loved the boyfriend jean trend for months now but because of the many rips and cropped leg design I was planning to wait until it was much warmer before unveiling these bad boys. However, I couldn't not wear them a day longer. Teaming them with a chunky jumper and leather jacket meant that I was pretty well defended from the cold. Adding my trusty black biker boots was the perfect way to complete this tough and boyish get-up. While the whole look is very much about being laid-back and thrown together, it's important to add accessorise to show that there was some form of planning and thought put into it. For me, it was about adding a skinny leopard print belt (which was both cute and very practical), a little gold necklace and a structured handbag.