Tuesday, 11 November 2014


How I survived last winter without a coat is beyond me. This year I was determined to invest in a proper winter coat - one that would go with virtually everything and most importantly, protect me from Britain's pretty brutal winter weather. The classic parka coat ticked all these boxes for me. I was initially hesitant to get one because it seems everyone owns a parka this season, but as it turns out that's for a pretty good reason. They are so ideal for keeping toasty during the colder months and the hood makes surviving rain or snow storms that bit more bearable (I am NOT prepared to have another battle with an umbrella any time soon).

There are so many variations of this style on the highstreet at the moment, but this coat from Topshop really stood out for me. The faux fur detailing on the hood and down the front is what initially caught my attention, giving a touch of femininity and glam to an otherwise quite boyish and practical coat. It is also so unbelievably soft and snug that once my hand touched the fur-covered hood I was as good as handing over my money right there. Usually when buying a coat I will size up to accommodate for layering and wearing chunky clothes underneath, but I found with this coat that it was better to get my actual size. It still looks slouchy and slightly oversized but without completely swamping my small-ish frame.As well as looking (and feeling) gorgeous, the quality is great too, which is key for me with any purchase that I hope will last me.

Hello and sorry lovely friends and followers for being away the past few months, I've been far busier than usual with work and my personal life, and unfortunately my blog has really suffered. However, its given me the time to update some of my blogging equipment (e.g. my new Canon EOS 600D camera) to help me improve the quality of my content on here. Anyway this is me saying that I've seriously missed my little blog and after some much-needed breathing space, I'm ready to dive back into creating lots of new and fun posts!

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