Friday, 10 May 2013


I've found a sneaky minute away from my art coursework to do this little nail post real quick. Here is my attempt at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 -inspired nails that I did a week or so ago. It is the pattern that seems to be everywhere at the moment and I felt it was only right that I embraced it in my own little way. After applying a base coat I applied two coats of black nail varnish to each nail and let them dry. Then, using a white nail pen, I drew cross-like lines down each nail. To get the squares symmetrical I made the lines as thin as possible. I then filled in the squares with the white pen, and used a black nail pen to make any corrections if I went over the lines. Finally, I finished with a thin layer of base coat. It was pretty straightforward and just a little bit tricky at times. If I had white nail varnish I probably would have done the nails the other way round (white base and black nail pen on top) but I made do with what I had and actually it was completely fine, so I think it would work fine either way.

I only kept the nails for a couple of days because I was starting a new job and the nails were quite loud and bold and maybe not so first-day-of-work-appropriate. I think the same pattern would look more subtle if you changed black for light blue and I think it would look AMAZING in yellow (like the Louis Vuitton design above). Hope you like 'em! XOXO

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