Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Ahh the Royals. I have never been more in love. I am pretty much certain. I have sort of gone a bit cray for the little Queen and her tribe of beautiful progeny of late. Women nationwide have also taken notice, seeing that right now it is all about her Madge and Kate Midd.

Over that looong Diamond Jubilee weekend recently The Queen really looked pretty special. I've not really seen Liz as much of a 'style icon' like others have but I am starting to actually love what she's been wearing. I mean the woman knows what works for her. The combination of long coat with matching dress, gloves, hat and classic handbag never seems to fail her. Naturally, she glammed it up big time for the main day of events with that spectacular crystal-studded ensemble which glistened throughout the days proceedings. It was some serious head-to-toe bling she was working. She kind of looked like a giant diamond, which is just completely awesome.

Dave Thompson/PA
She also looked super-cute at the concert the previous night. As mentioned, the lady has a formula which she has stuck to and worked since forever. So when she arrived in this stunning long black cape with gold detailing, I was both taken aback and totally captivated. I honestly took to the world wide web to see where it was from and where I could get one. It was real style from her Madge that people ( anyway) could get with.

The Queen isn't the only women making noise. Since she gracefully floated out of her car to display to the world her Alexander McQueen wedding dress last summer, everyone has been fascinated by Kate and her style choices. Of course, that dress was stunning. It was an elegant dress for a perfectly elegant women. I didn't take any notice of Pippa (or her behind*) that day. It was all Kate. She looked incredible.

A far-less praised look from the Duchess came later that night, with her gorgeous gown and mohair cardigan. I LOVED THIS LOOK. REALLY REALLY LOVED IT. SO beautiful. Possibly my favourite from her. It was completely fairytale.


FOR THE RECORD, I want to clarify that I love Kate. She seems so warm and lovely and I absolutely love her. But I'm a bit gutted to say, I'm not the biggest fan of Kate's outfit choices. As a Royal, naturally Kate has to keep a demure and sophisticated approach to what she wears. I get that. It's just a bit DULL sometimes. There isn't anything special or exciting or 'WOW SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL' about these looks.  Neutral or dark colours seem to be what she goes for on most occasions. They are just a bit lack-luster for me. She kind of looks like an guest at a wedding or like she works for the council. Only this morning I got an email from a popular high street fashion chain telling me to 'Get the Kate look'. Not being funny, but what 'look' exactly?

Here she looks HOT!! This is what I want. This I really love. The outfits here are so bright and vibrant. Most importantly though, she looks so pretty here, and the colour really makes her glow. The stunning red outfit from the flotilla parade was the best thing I've seen her in in a long time. It was demure yet still youthful and fun. Earlier in the year, she again looked SOO beautiful in a Jenny Packham turquoise gown. The colour was so fresh! I really want to see her in more attention-grabbing dresses like this soon. Although the sensible nude heels could do with a bit of a re-vamp.

All in all, It's pretty clear to see that my love for the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge is pretty much at full capacity right now. :) <3

*I honestly don't understand the mass hysteria that came from Pippa wearing that bridesmaid dress. I saw her. She looked okay. It was a really nice dress, and her arse was average. I seriously don't get the hype. It's no Kimmie K is it?


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