Sunday, 7 July 2013


Here is just some pretty simple and understated nail art that I've been sporting recently. Since starting my new job I've had to keep my nails shorter and keep clear from the nail art for a bit. The fact is that working in a pub means being in a very masculine and male dominated place and as sometimes the only female there, I wanted to be taken seriously. But I couldn't keep away forever. I felt this simple design was subtle enough that I wasn't going to get picked up on it or stand out. I think they are a good way to do nail art for work or school without drawing too much attention.
To create these nails, I first applied two coats of nude nail varnish to the nails. Then I used the brush part of a black nail art pen to draw a large 'X' on each nail and then filled each nail in with both black nail varnish and the nail art pen leaving the nude triangle at the bottom. And that's it! Not many steps and super easy. XOXO

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