Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I went to see Man of Steel with my dad and older brother yesterday and felt like writing a little bit of a review about it, so enjoy! I love a good superhero movie. Superman however, while maybe the most iconic of all the heroes, is probably the one franchise that I've never quite gotten into. With the new movie looking so impressive and creating so much hype, I thought this was the perfect time to try to see what all the fuss is about.
First things first, if there is only one reason that you decide to see this film, it may as well be for the impressive specimen that is Henry Cavill, who plays Superman himself. I mean, he looks pretty amazing and on a completely superficial and shallow level, is a pretty good excuse to enjoy this movie. Of course I should also say that he is actually a really great actor and I think he was so good in the role of Superman. But seriously, he's really hot you guys (:. I also loved Amy Adams. She was so well-suited to the character of Lois Lane, making her strong and witty.

I had read a few things online about some people's negative feedback on the movie, with a surprising amount of people saying that it wasn't fun or funny enough. To avoid disappointment I think people just need to lose the expectations of what the movie will be and take it for what it is. If you compare it to lighter movies like the Avengers for example, then naturally you'll be left let down.

The movie is far more serious and drama-based than many of the recent superhero movies that audiences are used to (e.g. Iron Man, Avengers..). The movie, while still being full of typical action and battle scenes, had lots of moments focusing on the characters and relationships in a real and human way. I really enjoyed that aspect as it gave the movie more depth than other superhero movies I've seen, and made the characters seem more three-dimensional. The relationship between Clark Kent and his human dad was particularly emotive and even made me well-up a little. My only criticism is that the second half of the film is SO fight based that you kind of lose the story and feel like it drags on a little. Overall, this movie is dramatic and suspenseful and epic, and I really enjoyed it. XOXO

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