Thursday, 27 June 2013


Buying jeans is hard. I've not owned a pair in about three years because of the stress it causes me to even attempt to find a good fit. Having spent far too long looking for the 'perfect jeans' (conclusion - they do NOT exist), I tried a pair of Molly Jeggings from River Island and was overwhelmed with how great they are.
I've had my hesitations with jeggings in the past because I've seen lots of types which look and feel nothing like jeans. I can assure you that these jeggings are both very jean-like but also have the desired comfort factor of leggings. They are incredibly soft and the slightly elasticated fabric means that they fit great. They give you the choice of short, regular or long leg length too which meant that overall the jeggings fit perfectly. They also have buttons, zippers, belt loops and back pockets, which means they look and function just like jeans.
I first bought them in the light wash (I wrote a post featuring them here) and because I was so happy with the fit and appearance I ordered them again in mid wash 'reform' and am so pleased with them. They do these in so many different shades and colours so I'll be stocking up on loads more soon! XOXO

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  1. Hello Daisyo!
    Could u please help me in a choosing size for molly jeggins? I want to buy online one pair of these jeans, but i have some doubts in a size.
    Could u please tell me the size of your jeggins as by photo we have similar legs :)