Friday, 16 August 2013


Thanks to beauty blogs and Youtube channels such as Zoella, Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr, over the past year I've become increasingly interested in make-up and the world of beauty. I'm no real expert on make-up or beauty products at all but I am seriously enjoying playing around with it and exploring how to use it. So as a result of this, I've recently bought and started using some great products and the one I am writing about here is a particular standout favourite for me at the moment.

The idea is that it is a spray that you use after applying all of your makeup, that claims to keep your makeup in place all day. It's a pretty big statement, and one that I was slightly sceptical of. I expected it to last for a few hours in normal weather before gradually wearing off.

I chose to first use this spray before a party I was going to on a very hot day. I sprayed it on my face four times (the bottle says to do between 2 - 4) after applying all my make up, and then headed out the door. The majority of my make-up honestly stayed put all night. In fact, because I was drunk I forgot to take off my make-up and in the morning my make-up was still in place. What I would say is that it works amazingly at keeping foundation and the make-up on your skin in place (blush, concealer etc.), whereas it does not work as well with keeping eye make-up in place. Saying that, my eye make-up still lasted a pretty long time.
I find this product great to apply before a day at work because I can look pretty gross after a day rushing around at the pub I work at, but this spray has completely fixed that! Now I come home from work looking exactly as I did when I left the house eight hours earlier. It is so great to have a product that once I've put on makes me feel like I can go out for hours doing whatever and not need to worry about my make-up. I was also pleasantly surprised at how the spray made my skin look. It gave my skin a healthy and dewy appearance, without looking sweaty and horrible. It creates the perfect balance for my complexion of not looking too shiny or too matte.

I would seriously recommend this product to anyone. It has become so essential to my make-up routine and I can't praise it enough! I hope you found this useful or interesting, as I hope to write more on make-up products in the future. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I've always wondered just how good these sprays were. I might consider buying one but I'd probably only use it for special occasions when I know I'll be out all night :)

    1. Yeah that's a good idea, I hope you go for it! It's pretty great :)

  2. lovely review, love the fact that it keeps your skin dewy! thank you for sharing!♡

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    1. aw thank you for the kind feedback! :)