Sunday, 8 September 2013


So I have very pale skin and this has been a big problem for me make-up wise for so many years. I have never been able to find a spot-on match for my skin, with every lightest option of a make-up brand being too orange or dark for me. This consequently has left me with a draw of full of unused foundation bottles that I stupidly bought years ago and have been unable to do anything with. I feel stupid even admitting it because I know how much money foundation costs and it all adds up to quite a big waste of money. So then I discovered this great mixer product from Barry M.
It's a white base colour that you simply mix with your foundation to make it lighter. I had no idea that there was a product like this out there and I am seriously impressed by it. What's good about it is that you can gradually add the white base to your foundation (currently I'm using Max Factor Lasting Performance in 100 Fair if you're interested) on the back of your hand, mix and
 keep adding until you get the perfect colour.
I was not really prepared to invest in a high-end expensive foundation such as Mac face and body or Illamasqua because I just don't feel great about spending twenty-something pounds on foundation, especially now I know there can be a far cheaper alternative. The only downside to it is having to mix your foundation every time which can be quite annoying and time-consuming. Having said that, it is worth it for the end result and I would definitely recommend trying a white mixer base before investing in
an expensive and potentially wrong alternative.
Hope any of you pale people out there find this useful! :)

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