Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Finally! I've been waiting to blog about this collection ever since I first laid eyes on it! I was obsessed with this show when it was debuted at London Fashion Week last season, and have been excitedly anticipating it's arrival online since. And on Tuesday, it finally landed.


I love the colours, shapes and textures of this collection. Pastel pink and blue might just become my winter staple colours. Opposite ends of the style spectrum were brought together with this show, with light and delicate pieces being matched with heavy-duty jackets, knitwear and boots. PVC skirts were paired with chunky jumpers, while oversized aviator jackets were paired with flowing sequin pieces. Fabric and texture was played with too, with faux-fur, patent leather and PVC, sequins and mohair all being featured throughout the collection.
 Below are just some of my favourite items from the collection. The pink shearling jacket is particularly gorgeous and the white feather cropped jumper is to die for. If only I had a spare £500 in my back pocket! *sigh*


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  1. Such a gorgeous collection, Topshop Unique always get it right!