Saturday, 13 October 2012


Valentino didn't disappoint, living up to it's reputation for angelic and romantic pieces. Everything was prim and demure, with elegant tea dresses and gowns fit for an English Rose-type like Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams or Elle Fanning. It is all certainly very sober and 'proper'. Shirts and skirts, peter-pan collars and puffball sleeves were all big features. Leather was given a feminine touch with trench coats, dresses and midi skirts which were brought right up to date for spring. The colour scheme was relatively simple and quite refreshing for spring, with black, white, nude, navy and bright red. There was the most intricate bead detailing too. Everything looked so fragile and pretty. But it wasn't too reserved or modest. There was laser-cut, lace and chiffon, giving just a hint of skin. There was also a transparent plastic trench coat, adding a modern touch to the collection. XOXO


  1. these are all beautiful. Bead detailing is so classy and daint


  2. I know right? Thanks for the comment x