Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hey guys! Hope all is well :) Introducing Alana, Danielle and Este - otherwise known as Haim - who are three awesome sisters who make equally awesome folk-indie-r&b-pop music, and are my new favourite band. They have these insane harmonising voices, with lead singer Danielle's singing style having been compared to Michael Jackson's and Este and Alana creating haunting backing vocals. They are that rare breed of female musicians that manages to come across somewhat down-to-earth and relatable and fun. They dance around like girls should (as in not in a slutty way) and play their own instruments, which is so refreshing. Their new single, Don't Save Me, is so brilliant. Seriously, I've been listening to it on repeat for days and it makes me want to dance around just like they do in the video. I would also seriously recommend 'Forever', 'Better Off' and 'Go Slow', which are also so beautiful, and being played on loop on my iPod. I only found out a few days ago that they are also on the shortlist for BBC's Sound of 2013! This is so amazing and shows that even the music bigwigs predict that Haim will be huge next year. Check out 'Forever' and 'Don't Save Me' above.

As well as making great music, each of these ladies has gorgeous personal style. They all follow an old-school, vintage, Americana vibe, with each adding their own individual take to make their look their own. Danielle is quite a tomboy, wearing biker and Varsity jackets, baggy tees and jeans. Este has a far more feminine look, wearing girly skirts, dresses, bralets, red lipstick and lots of florals. Alana, the baby of the bunch, loves a pair of shorts (and who can blame her - she has the legs of a supermodel!) with a vintage tee or shirt and converse. I love their unique style and they have such effortless looks. The summarise, I have a huge, major music and style crush on Haim! They are just my absolute favourite! XOXO

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