Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hi guys. Continuing with all things Christmas and seasonal, I thought I'd do a post on just a few of the amazing gifts I got this year. I didn't include every present I got because I just grabbed the ones that I thought would be most interesting to you and that I could really talk the most about. Enjoy!
First up, I have to talk about potentially the most surprising and exciting presents I got this Christmas, and possibly ever! My Dad (or Santa, whatever..) decided to get me a stocking this year to make it feel more Christmassy and fun. Opening it, I was expecting just generic stocking-fillers like chocolate coins and socks. Okay, so he did get me those, but to my complete disbelief, as I emptied the stocking onto my bed like a right little kid, out fell three brilliant presents. The House of Holland nail varnish set literally made me gasp and cover my mouth to stop me from making any noise. I could not believe that my Dad actually thought to buy this for me. I was unbelievably excited and touched, because 1/ it means he actually pays attention to me and knows how much I love House of Holland and nail art (he later told me that he had been reading my blog, aww) and 2/ that he actually went out into the terrifying world of cosmetics in the middle of the crazy Christmas shopping, found it and decided that I would like it. So much effort and thought had gone into it and that is why it is maybe one of my favourite presents ever.
He also brought me this Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara and some Body Shop lip balm. Again, I was so thrilled that my Dad thought to get me these presents because it just shows me that he tried really hard to get me presents that he thought I would really like. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for a man to attempt to buy makeup or just anything for a teenage girl so I was pretty amazed that he got it so right.
I absolutely loved the Olympics earlier this year and could talk about it forever. I love all the documentaries about it on TV and reading about the Olympians in magazines, so I was thrilled to get this gift. I love the idea that I can relive some amazing moments whenever I want. It has the Opening and Closing ceremonies which is cool, plus of course all the brilliant sporting moments.
My lovely Auntie and Uncle bought me many gifts including a bead for my charm bracelet and an adorable vintage-inspired tea cup and saucer. They also bought me these two great books on all things fashion. I love books from stylists, models, photographers etc. and so these two books are very much up my street. The Teen Vogue Hand Book is full of insider knowledge on the fashion industry, with loads of tips and tricks to help anyone who is interested in working in fashion. I love it because it has so much useful and interesting information but it doesn't dress everything up to be confusing or intimidating. The Fashion Book is also a brilliant little A-Z of every designer, photographer, model and style icon you could think of. Both books are so interesting and I couldn't recommend them enough.
I feel incredibly lucky for everything that I got this Christmas and am so thankful to everyone who got me gifts. I hope you all got everything you wanted this Christmas (material or otherwise) too. XOXO

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