Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hey everyone! I hope those who celebrated had a lovely Christmas - I certainly did :) I spent the day with my Dad, brother and my extended family at my grandparents house in London which was really nice. It is kind of cliche but I did absolutely stuff my face with all kinds of delicious food and have been feeling slightly nauseated and worse-for-wear ever since. I somehow ate a box of After Eights entirely to myself without really realising which really pushed me over the edge! I wore my new H&M pink jumper from the Lana Del Rey collection because I thought it was so special and cute. It is so incredibly fluffy and soft and adorable and lots of people liked it. However, a slight downside which I discovered throughout the day is that it molts like a bitch! The fluff kept coming off and sticking to other peoples clothes and my tights which was really not a good look. I used the day to debut my not-so-new leopard bag with was perfect to fill with chocolate coins and cute little things and my Dad bought me some sweet little Christmas earrings to wear for the day too. Below are just a few photographs taken on the day, including our lush Christmas tree and some of the typical Christmassy food consumed on the day (although I would never touch Mince Pies because they are disgusting). Happy Holidays! XOXO

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