Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hello guys. There are a lot of new and exciting artists emerging this month and Tom Odell is on the top of my list of favourites. He recently won the Brits Critics' Choice award, meaning he is predicted to blow up in the next 12 months. I had heard his name floating around Twitter the past few weeks, particularly with Lily Cooper (previously Allen) praising him at every chance. Clearly, the lady knows what she is talking about. It is only recently, thanks to the BBC using his song 'Another Love' in their new TV ad, that I have finally listened to his stuff. I'm kicking myself that I hadn't heard it sooner. His lyrics are emotional and vulnerable and his voice is soft and soulful. 'Another Love' is just the most stunning song I've heard in ages and 'Can't Pretend' is punchy and brilliant.  He is so amazing and I'm excited to hear and see more from him. Because my second love after fashion is music, I'll probably be doing a few posts in the near future about the new and exciting talent that I love, so I hope you lot enjoy! XOXO


  1. Hey, I've nominated you for an award. Check out my Stellar Diaries blog to see more.