Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I've wanted to try faded nails for a while and only this week did I decide to try it. I did something similar a while ago using just two colors that were similar and painting them straight on, but I wanted to try a better technique. There are a few different methods to doing this look that I have seen, but I think the most praised method that I have come across is using a sponge. I started by doing a base coat and then doing two solid coats of the pale blue/green. I then cut a chunk (ugh hate the word chunk) out of a standard cleaning sponge and dabbed some of the lilac nail varnish onto it. I blotted it a couple of time on some paper just so that it wouldn't go onto the nail really think and then dabbed it onto the nails from about half way down. I then repeated this again, only slightly higher up the nail and with a bit more nail varnish on the sponge. I then made sure the lilac at the top of the nail was a solid colour, did a top coat and that was it! For my first attempt I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! I think the lilac might have been applied slightly too thick and there isn't enough of a fade for me, so I'll be practising loads more and probably try again soon because I really like this look. XOXO


  1. Oh my godddddddd these nails are insane, I must try! xo

  2. Your nails look amazing! I am sooo gonna try that as well, haha :)!


  3. looooooooooove this