Friday, 10 August 2012


Hangover alert :| Last night I went out with loads of people because it was my friend Dannii's 18th. We started at a pub, had a substantial amount of wine and the rest is history. I'm not really a wine person but I was ON it last night and it was pretty crazy. It went straight to my head (although thankfully everyone else was on one too) and there was a lot of fun as a result. I'll be honest and say I don't remember very much, but I just remember everyone having a great time. I think wine might be my new 'fun' drink. The title of this post is courtesy of my friend Jonny who had a little joke going at the beginning of the night. That much I know. I wore a grey Topshop tank tucked into some high-waisted shorts. The belt and leather jacket are also Topshop and the bag is from Marc B. I also added a vintage chain and black boots from New Look. Kay bye guys XOX

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