Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Hey you :) I haven't blogged in a couple days because I've been at my step-dad's house since Saturday and he has no Internet connection (WHAT!). My family and I got up to lots and lots of fun things in those few days.

On Saturday there was a parade in the town they live in and my brothers were marching in it so we went to support them etc. After we went for a pub BBQ which was so good. It was my first official BBQ of the year and even though the weather is so sucky at the moment I still felt really summery and fun.

Oh hey Bubuloo, how's that hotdog going??..

Aw brother sister love <3 (I don't know why his face looks weird, he is usually
pretty beautiful I promise)

Mmm sipping on vodka and juice because I drink during the day (:

My brother and step-sister with my sunglasses. I think they look like cute little bugs :)

This is from Sunday where nothing really happened :).

 I wore this little floral dress which everyone seemed to like because I don't really wear
many dresses. I wore it with my 9 year old brother Jack's hoodie because I was so cold
and couldn't find anything to wear. I think the camo and flowers work well lol?

On Monday night Reece and I had the idea of going to the beach with the kids because staying in the house was starting to drive us crazy. It was seriously so much fun but a kind of stupid idea because it was SO COLD.

Jack and I getting layered up before we went out. I had a tee, my step-dads jumper and Reece's hoodie to keep me warm because I was scared of the cold ha.

OMG what a cliche shot (:

Oh god the kids were going crazy in the water and I was freaking out the Reece and I were going to get in trouble with the grown-ups :)

Ohh poor little Charly was not loving it so much. He seemed a little scared of the water and was shivering like a puppy after :( In fact all the kids were shivering like crazy afterwards and I had to sacrifice my thick hoodie to wrap Jack up in it because I was scared he was going to get pneumonia or something. Luckily by the time we walked home the kids were feeling better and Reece and I didn't get shouted at (YAY!). XOXOXOX

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