Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Yesterday was my little brother Jack's 10th birthday. Oh my gosh 10 is so old! I remember when he was just a little innocent baby. Oh it is sad to reminisce sometimes. I think sometimes I preferred my brothers when they were babies. My nan and I drove to my step-dad's house just to say hi and give Jack his presents. I got him a camera because he is fascinated by photography and so good at it too. Even though he was having a small birthday dinner we didn't stay for it because we has stuff to do, but it was important to me to see him even if it was only for like an hour. He means loads to me and and I love him so much. I wore a skirt from Topshop with a navy and white cropped tee also from Topshop. By the way I apologise for how messy my room looks :(. XOXO

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