Friday, 3 August 2012



I love these images from the latest Teen Vogue US starring the gorgeous Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I'm not a reader of Teen Vogue because I am kind of a grown-up (: but I couldn't help notice the cover of the magazine when I was browsing in my local shop. I love these shots. Emma is wearing a range of designers, including Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Calvin Klein, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Woooah lucky thing. My favourite look is the Marc Jacobs (top left) that Emma is wearing. I adore this collection anyway, and it looks stunning on Emma. The huge furry hat and shapely and fun dress reflects the quirky and fun vibe that Emma has. She looks so damn lady-like :) In fact, I think all the images and looks reflect Emma's fun attitude that we all love her for. There seems to be a slight theme of the colour red throughout - maybe a hint to the pairs romance? It is all very cutesy and sweet. Andrew Garfield also looks very dapper and slick in his selection of Burberry, Topman, Carven and Calvin Klein and Thom Browne suits.

I love these actors both separately and together. I first saw Andrew Garfield in a small crime drama called Red Riding a few years ago. I loved the show and Andrew's acting in it. The only other thing I've seen is The Social Network, which pretty much catapulted Andrew to fame. I've had a major girl crush on Emma Stone since forever I'm pretty sure. I've seen her in The House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Zombieland, and there are loads of films that I need to see soon that she also stares in, like Crazy, Stupid, Love and Easy A. She is so amazing because she is so funny and talented and she can steal a whole movie with her performances. I don't feel like there are enough truly funny and talented young actresses and she is just one of the best. She is so inspirational, in that she is so natural and herself and doesn't conform to the hollywood actress mold. I have endless respect for that.

I adore that Andrew and Emma are a couple because I love them both and they are so beautiful that they should get married right now and have lots of beautiful, funny and talented actor babies. XOXO

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