Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Kay so I wanted to put this in a separate post because there was quite a lot going on in the previous one. We watched A LOT of movies in the four days I spent at my step-dads house. Some were so poor that I can't even remember what they were, but I'm going to write about the two movies I can remember :).

First up we watched Chronicle.

This was a film about three teenagers who gain superpowers and go out of control. I had heard good things about this film and had seen the adverts for it when it first came out, so I was hoping to enjoy it. Honestly I really did not. The storyline bored me to be fair and the lead character, who I think you are meant to feel sorry for, is just so irritating and pathetic and annoying. Seriously, I think my annoyance with his character was enough to make me hate the whole film. Overall, it was just really vanilla and I didn't get into it at all. Boooo.

We also watched The Uninvited.

I had already seen this film years ago and vaguely remembered it. It is about a girl who returns from mental hospital and believes her step-mother is a murderer. I really enjoyed it. It is not full of gore but is still quite jumpy, which I liked because I really don't like gore at all. It was very much about the story and not just trying to be scary for the sake of it, which I find not many horror movies do. Elizabeth Banks who plays the step-mother is really amazing and dark and scary. Emily Browning is such a convincing lead character. The film has so many twists and surprises and is so clever. It makes you question the truth in the movie and who to believe. It also had it's funny and light-hearted moments which stops it from being really intense and potentially too-much. Overall I really really loved it.


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