Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hello World. Spent the weekend with my beautiful siblings at my step-dad's house. This post is a few days late but I've been so swamped with school work recently so well yeah (: Above is my lovely brother Harvey. He got his exam results a few days ago for his SATS (British exams kids take) and he did so well. He was crying, I was crying, my step-dad was crying. He is only 10 and he was so worried about letting us down, but he was brilliant. I know most of this isn't interesting to anyone and kids taking exams is nothing new or special, but Harvey has had the worst year and still came out of it as just a gorgeous, smart and funny boy and I just wanted to write about it. I love him so much. We are all so immensely proud of you doll <3

We watched some more hilarious and fun movies like the last time. If you don't know what I'm talking about take a gander here. I'll be doing a post on it in the very near future, but for the moment this photo above might be a bit of a clue, I donno XOXOXO

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