Friday, 13 July 2012


Oh hey puppy! Wednesday, my dad and I looked after a friend's dogs for a bit. Trev and Dolly are the most lush little doggies ever! They are so playful and full of energy and so much fun. Trev (the bigger of the two) is just the sweetest little pup ever. When she (yes, Trev IS a girl) was a little puppy her owner brought her over to my house and little baby Trev fell asleep while I was holding her. She was like a tiny little stuffed toy, and it was then that I just became so in love <3. I should probably say that I adore my boss's dog Ziggy and our family dog Sky too. I don't want those guys to feel left out or anything. They are also super adorable and I love them so much. Maybe it's just all dogs. I don't know. I'm quite surprised in myself because I have always been a major cat person. I'm pretty sure that when it comes to me and cats, we have a special bond. We are so on the same wavelength. I actually think I want to be a cat. Cats 4 Lyfe. But now I think I might actually love dogs almost as much. I'm so confused.


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