Sunday, 8 July 2012


Figured I'd interupt my recent Couture Fashion Week posts (more coming soon) :) with what I got up to yesterday. OH my gosh it was a looong day. I was working all day before going round to my friend Charlotte's house for a bit of a party/gathering situation. Many people there I hadn't seen in months, so it was so lovely to hang out with everyone and catch up. I drank way too much! White wine, Bacardi breezer and Strongbow were my beverages of choice, which I have now discovered is a lethal combo. It was hilarious. One distinctive memory is that of some of us playing Avril Lavignes 'Girlfriend' in every language other then English for about 20 minutes, which was ridiculous and totally hysterical. I think Japanese was a particular favourite. At one stage I was almost crying with laughter because Charlotte put a pickle and some milk into someones drink, to which they then drank unknowingly. Luckily for everyone, I left just as the drinking games were starting :L. Altogether it was honestly the best night I have had in about year and a half <3. And now here I am, feeling nauseous and fragile and finding it all too challenging to just be typing this. I'm watching Wimbledon (COME ON ANDY!!) and drinking an endless supply of tea and feeling far to sorry for myself. My Dad says I look like 'death warmed up' which sadly I think is quite accurate :|. I wore my gorgeous punky hotpants from Topshop, with an American Apparel body, Topshop leather jacket from about 5 years ago, with black tights, a gold chain and heels.


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