Monday, 2 July 2012


SO this weekend I went to stay at my step-dads house. It was so nice to see all the family. It had been really long!! Myself, my step-dad, his lovely fiancé, and some of my many siblings watched quite a few movies throughout the two days and had a really funny time <3. Firstly, on Saturday afternoon we all sat down to watch GREASE. Geez I hadn't seen Grease in so long! Maybe when I was 13 or 14?! I'm pretty ashamed. I forgot how awesome this movie is, but as soon as the opening credits started with 'Grease is the word...' playing and the cute cartoony intro, I was instantly reminded and was like "OH MY I love this movie!!!'.

There are so many reasons as to why. I love the clothes, all the cool and weird stuff they come out with, the classic songs and the amazing prom with all the dancing. Most importantly, I LOVE THE PINK LADIES. aGH I love them so much. I want to be Rizzo. She is beautiful and pretty much just the coolest bitch of all time. And I love Frenchie too because she is a total cutie-pie <3. I don't like Sandy so much, I will say. She is way too nice and good and boring! I get really annoyed that she somehow makes Danny want to change from an awesome T-Bird into a jock (I know technically she doesn't make him, but I still blame her ¬ ¬). That whole scene where he is trying out new sports really upsets me because I'm like 'NO DANNY. YOU ARE PERFECT. NEVER CHANGE'.

At first my younger brothers really didn't buy into it. They thought it was old, and therefore it sucked. Also, the DVD case was pink. And there was singing and dancing. Gradually, I think the music and the singing and laughing lured them in, and before long they started to really get into it. It was so cute to watch the little kiddies getting involved with the Hand Jive and singing along in the final scene.

Later in the evening when the kids had gone to bed, we sat down to watch another crowd-pleaser. This time we all got prepared to watch The Woman in Black. I didn't really get what people had been banging on about, so I was interested to find out. To me, I figured 'It's a 12, what's to be scared of?'.

Well. The story itself isn't anything special but there are plenty of scares. I mean, A LOT. I was stereotypically hiding behind a cushion and freaking out and screaming with my step-brother. It was just that there were weird things happening all the time that would come out of nowhere and scare the crap out of you. It was a fun film to watch with the family and have some fun with, but ultimately it won't be giving me any nightmares.

Come Sunday, a few of us sat to watch Where the Wild Things Are. I had heard good things so I had quite high hopes for this. It was a cute film. It was sweet. An odd little boy runs away from home and ends up in a land of wild beasts within his imagination. There were times in the film when I thought he was sweet and others when I thought he was an annoying brat. I mean, his poor family?! He's just run off and doesn't even feel bad about it.  Occasionally he came across as a nice kid and his relationship with the beasts was pretty cute. In fact, the beasts were probably my favourite aspect of the whole film. They all had different fun personalities and looks really cosy and lush!

To be brutal, I was just a little bored. Maybe it was the lack of real action or speed in the film, or the fact I couldn't really empathise with the lead character much. It was just a little bit bland after being seriously entertained previously this weekend. But as I said, it was quite sweet, and a chilled film to watch on a Sunday afternoon.