Friday, 20 July 2012


Okay, last night I went out to Wetherspoons with loads of my closest friends. I had so much fun! It was crazy in there like last time but I think maybe this time I was a little more prepared for it and didn't mind that it was so packed. Ooh maybe I'm growing up (: Although it was so busy that I was waiting at the bar for about half an hour for a drink! It was crazy! Oh and the whole night was just so funny. I remember just laughing like mad because Charlotte (one of the people I was out with, although you probably had already worked that out) randomly shouted 'I NEED TO MILK THE VODKA COW!'. It was so weird and hilarious. We got some pitchers of Blue Lagoon and Purple Rain like classy ladies and they were of course totally lush.  I think cocktails are my new fave. I didn't stay out very late this time and I actually really wanted to. Boo :( Always next time. I wore a white tee from Tesco and a pink skirt from River Island, with a gold chain from Topshop and black tights. The heels are from Select, the rings are from Topshop and my bag is from Marc B.

P.S. I didn't plan for my skirt, nails, shoes and ring to all the the same colour, honest (: Happy accident perhaps? XOXOXOXO

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